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Dry hair? How to avoid it?

To make the hair look viable and healthy, you need a number of Effort to put them in nurturing. But one of the main dry hair Reasons, they are irregular care habits. Here are some The main mistakes that lead to hair losing their natural moisture balance:

1. improper selection of shampoo. If your hair Prone to dryness, use as natural shampoo as possible. Good shampoo – The first step towards healthy and beautiful hair. Synthetic pustules, Silicones and other additives “painfully” respond to both scalp and hair beauty. So, when choosing a shampoo, make sure Contains components containing moisturizing effects.

2. too frequent hair-pads. While frequent hair is a daily procedure, but it can also be one of the most The causes of dry hair. Frequent shampooed scalp and Natural protective lipid layer, hair Become more vulnerable and dry. Try to wash your hair only When you really need it.

3. wash your hair with hot water. Super hot Water can damage the surface of the hair, thereby drying them out. So Use warm, but not too hot water for hair.

4. mechanically damage your hair. Intense wet Hair rubbing with a towel, combing can damage the hair surface. Try to treat wet hair more prudence as it is wet Hair is very vulnerable. The owners of dry hair are advised to Only to choose good quality hair shear or brushes with a wide Bristles that reduce hair’s surface.

5. do Not avoid hot hair styling. Hair Hot-air drying, straightening or waving with hot grits adversely affect any type of hair. It is because of the hot hair Moisture and dry up over time. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid Frequent hair styling heat. If without it it is impossible to Do not forget to use protective equipment.

6. do Not store hair from negative environmental influences. They are not just heat, but also cold and frequent temperature changes. The intense exposure of these factors to dry hair eventually starts to break.

7. do not Eat enough and moisturate your hair. Regular use of hair masks is like awakens hair vitality and Prevents drainage. Masks provide vitamins and food Materials not only the scalp, but also the hair bulbs. So with Time, pamper your hair with a variety of masks.

8. do not breast-feed. In many cases, our External health and beauty starts internally. This rule also applies To In terms of hair, so if you do not have dry hair at rest, you should To carefully assess their dietary habits and the Diet to supplement the protein With food.