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Pro magnifying glass: silicones

Hair Shine – One of the features of a healthy hair, but is it really? The illusion of healthy hair often develops in industrial cosmetics widely The use of SILICONES. However, what are silicones and what are the Effects on hair? Let’s try to answer these questions.

Who are the silicones?
It is an oil refining product that, due to its cheapness, is very “enlarged” Cosmetics industry. They are found in shampoos, balsams, hair Decorative instruments, and often hide under names, Ending in the “-cone”, “-conol”, “-Zane”, “-siloxane”. Industrial In cosmetics, silicones are loved because of the fast effect: hair becomes slipperant, Glossy. But the effects mentioned above have their price…

What is their impact?
Silicones envelop the hair and scalp for oxygen-tight film, That disrupts the uptake of nutrients and oxygen. Scalp and hair due to the lack of substances starts to dry. This often becomes a sensitive Scalp, trailing hair. Silicones have the property Accumulate on the hair – not keeping the accumulating hair fracture, cracking Tips. In addition, silicones are only effective when they are used Constant. No use of cosmetics with silicones highlights the Damage: Hair starts to be very felt, blow, bristling. Does not really resemble Healthy hair…

What can be the alternative?
Experts say that negative effects of silicones can be rid of 5-6 months after the refusal of cosmetics with the harmful compounds of silicones. And silicone-free cosmetics have far more benefits! This is the Natural and non-transient hair beauty and vitality. Cows Cosmetics has its own residual value as it provides hair and scalp The skin with valuable substances. Healthy hair and scalp integral From a real beauty and will always be fashionable. In addition, hair natural Shine can provide various vegetable oils like argan, avocado, Baobab, macadamia, broccoli seeds, almonds, etc.