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Dandruff – The fight with windmills?

Dandruff?! Unfortunately, the problem is often faced by a woman and a man.

What causes the appearance of dandruff?

The reasons for their occurrence may vary: stress, illness, fungus, malnutrition, unsuitable cosmetics and Care. However, specialists say that the most common dandruff caused by damage to the protective barrier of the scalp. Negative Environmental phenomena like wind, hairstyle formation, hair coloring, Hot fan current, hard water damaging the protective layer of the scalp. It is also irritating to skin with synthetic pustules contained in shampoos. The opinion of professionals, namely aggressive substances in the Hair care products, the most common form of flaking of the scalp, Reason. When skin surface is damaged, protective skin Mechanisms for restoring the skin’s natural surface balance. One They are more rapid layering of skin cells – flaking.

And how to deal with Exfols?

Special shampoos are effective as long as they are used. To permanently say goodbye to exfolate it is necessary to stop The scalp with aggressive means, calm it down and give time to To recover the natural functioning.

A few tips that do not bother flaky scalp:

  • Choose more natural hair and scalp care products that do not irritate and conserve your skin and hair;
  • Moisturising your scalp;
  • Once a week or if needed, and feed more frequently Skin oil masks, the most suitable oils: coconut, Jojoba, Shea, Burdock, lacquers, black caraway;
  • Regularly wash your scalp;

Nurtured your scalp, thanks to the secret of beautiful and healthy hair – healthy scalp!