How to improve the condition of the affected scalp?

We will not hide the scalp problem in Green’s salon – a common Phenomenon. When assessing the need, we strive to help visitors Counseling them and searching for ways to relieve discomfort feeling of illness.

A frequent customer with psoriasis in the scalp is exposed to the following unpleasant signs:

  • Increased scaly scalp: noticeable red The flaking space at the line of hair growth and the constant falling Dandruff on clothes.
  • Lesions of the scalp, manifested by stretching, tingling, redness or even local inflamation and wounds.

According to Green’s concept, we strive to address customers Individual selection of the most appropriate measures and Procedures. Systematic and regular procedures, headaches and Skin monitoring, counselling and guidance on how to care for skin To achieve a truly good result. Customers are pleased Reduced flaking, tingling in the skin, itching of the scalp, Redness.

The Green Team cares about their customers! We strive to make comfort a daily sense of your feeling!