Attention to cracked hair ends!

Dry, cracked tips are not decorated with any hairstyle or haircuts! Unfortunately, with this hair problem is probably faced a common woman. This is especially true for those who grow hair.

Hair tips may start cracking naturally, as this must Affect the age of the hair. As the hair is longer, he is „mature”. So To enjoy the well-tended hair tips, you should not only choose Suitable haircare products, but also regular visits to the Hairdresser. However, one of the main causes of rough Loss of moisture. This is influenced by many of the damaging factors Water, detergents, formulation tools, drying. Hair Tips Not only by external factors, but also by internal factor. Healthy For hair ends It is very important that vitamin A, C, E, Iron and fatty acids. To have beautiful hair, it is worth Their menus include more eggs, yeast flakes, dark Green lettuce, red fruits and vegetables.

Still some small secrets:

  1. Regularly pamper your hair with oil masks. Most suitable vegetable oils from cracking: poppy, Baobabian, Mango Stones, Jojoba, burdock.
  2. Use the intensive care tools for the hair tips that are prone to twit.
  3. Comb your hair with wooden comb or brushes made from natural materials.