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Golden rules under the supervision of waveless hair

Waved hair is the real decoration of a woman! However, such hair More demanding care for drying, felt and blowing. So To ensure that the waves are alive and that the surrounding eye is Put a lot of effort.
Here are some tips to help you avoid the “unrushable Hair” days:

1. Try to make the hair washing ritual as sparsely as possible. The tendency to Dry, often washed hair will lose moisture even faster and More intensively. Way out: Use the milder shampoo or the Only a hair conditioner will suffice.
2. Avoid hair dryer. The enemy of the hair is waving like a Hot air Current. Way out: Allow your hair to dry naturally, so They will be less blown or if at least 15-20 minutes and dry with a cool jet.
3. Choose the right shaping tools. To keep the hair alive It would seem important to preserve its moisture balance. Avoid measures with Alcohol. Option: Choose hair care products that are rich in Various vegetable oils.
4. Nourish your hair with oil masks. Vegetable oil is one Care and protection of the most suitable dry hair. For corrugated hair It is very suitable for macadamia, coconut, buttertrees, Hemp, sesame, mango pips, castor, olive oils.
5. Avoid mechanical hair mutilation. Handle Wet The hair: Gently drain wet hair, clean the wet Hair. Also, try to comb your hair as sparing as possible. Combing destroys The natural wave formation. To control your hair Use a rare hog or specially designed for waver hair Brushes.