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Hair Nurtured Secrets

Some small hair caring secrets:

These small hair care rules will help you enjoy beautiful, healthy hair.

  1. For the head, choose a more natural shampoo that suits the type of scalp;
  2. Rinse your hair with cooler water;
  3. Use a vegetable hair mask at least once a week;
  4. Do not go to sleep in wet hair;
  5. It is advisable to combed wet hair, and if it is inevitable, use a rare hog;
  6. Regularly comb your hair with comb or brushes made from natural materials;
  7. Periodically allow the hair to dry naturally;
  8. Use anti-heat protection measures when drying;
  9. On a regular basis and on the type of hairstyle, cut hair ends;
  10. In the cold season, protect the hair from frost and in summer from heat;
  11. Take care to ensure that the diet is complete and that there are no trace elements: Selenium and zinc.

The strong and lively hair becomes your calling card!