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Winter Hair Care

Experts warn that the hair needs intensifies during winter Care. Low temperature, wind, humidity – slight testing Scalp and hair.

Some tips on how to care for hair in the cold season:

1. Try to use a hair dryer less often. Loss of moisture – One of the main problems. This affects not only the more frequent Indoor air, temperature change. To To prevent dry hair, it is preferable to dry the hair naturally and It is inevitable – as we breathe in the air stream. It will take a little longer to But so the hair will be less hurted.
2. Choose the right hair care products for the cold season. As Seasonality seen in our cupboard, as well as hair care has its own Patterns. In the cold season, choose a more nourishing than moisturised Measures. Use nutrient-enriched substances more often Masks, bales, hair oil.
3. Do not forget the natural fiber headgear. Frost, Wind Narrowing the blood vessels of the scalp. This slows down the blood flow, and then the hair bulbs are less well supplied with food Materials. Hair is weakened, it dries, can start scrolling. So cap – An accessory that protects your hair from harmful environmental effects.
4. If you paint your hair, try to visit your hair stylistist before Šalčius. Hair Coloring – considerable stress on the hair while the cold air, Temperature changes are further reinforced.