How to „Make friends” with troutesive signs of psoriasis?

Green’s Salon every customer is special and we strive to Appearance, style is consistent with health, well-being. Quite often in green People with problems with their scalp condition. Dandruff, sensitive to scalp – unpleasant but common problems that Natural means. Individual colsultation, Properly selected supervisory measures and procedures allow the Discomfort.

A client, which was struggling with the hairy Psoriasis in the scalp area, which is manifested by stretching of the scalp, Itching, I will get flaky. After being familiar with the client’s situation, An individual course of detoxification of the scalp was proposed: Cleaning of the scalp regularly once a week.

The first procedures have yielded positive results. Deep skin Hydration and gentle peeling of the scalp allowed to remove a great by sliding crumble dandruff. O massage with specially prepared herbal and essential oils to relieve the tension of the scalp, Itching and redness. For the scalp to be unirritated Detergents, the customer was recommended to wash the head in green Line shampoo and moisturize the scalp at least once a week Mask. Systematically carrying out scalp detoxation and observing and home care guidance has achieved excellent results. Already After four head skin rituals the customer got rid of the unpleasant sensations and Healthier scalp, reduced flaking:

„I am very glad that my scalp is not scaly! Past That unpleasant feeling was left when the shoulders were often cleaned, Dandruff 🙂 You do not need to do this and Satisfied. The „stretching” effect of the scalp has disappeared. The skin has become More elastic, as it is constantly fed with natural oils Green’s Mask. „

Visual differences in the scalp condition before and after a complete scalp rituals course.