How to care for hair combing tools? – Greenas Salonas

How to care for hair combing tools?

Perhaps almost every woman in the handbag will find a hair brush Or this, because no day can be imagining without them. Investments in With high-quality shampoos and haircutting, we should not forget one Simple but necessary procedures – suitable for hair combing utensils Care. Often using hair brushes, the bristles on them settle a lot Impurities: dust, hair formation residues.

Some tips on how to care for hair combing measures:

⦁ It is worth regularly, weekly, to wash the brushes/bristed brush with special tools or a simple shampoo.
⦁ For best results, leave the brushes in minutes on the water bath, and put on a pinch of salt.
⦁ Hair brushes thoroughly clean with rare comb and leave to dry overnight.
⦁ If you share hair care tools with loved ones, wash them more often.