Golden rules under the supervision of waveless hair

Waved hair is the real decoration of a woman! However, such hair More demanding care for drying, felt and blowing. So To ensure that the waves are alive and that the surrounding eye is Put a lot of effort. Here are some tips to help you avoid the „unrushable Hair” days: 1. Try to make […]

Winter Hair Care

Experts warn that the hair needs intensifies during winter Care. Low temperature, wind, humidity – slight testing Scalp and hair. Some tips on how to care for hair in the cold season: 1. Try to use a hair dryer less often. Loss of moisture – One of the main problems. This affects not only the […]

Head washing – How to damage hair?

To enjoy healthy and beautiful Should be handled with care. One of their most important Care rituals – head and hair. Just a good shampoois not enough, you should be charged properly. Here are some tips on how to perform HAIR scrusing correctly: 1. CHOOSE SHAMPOO FOR YOUR SCALP, CONDITIONER – FOR HAIR TYPE. Experts […]

Hair Nurtured Secrets

Some small hair caring secrets: These small hair care rules will help you enjoy beautiful, healthy hair. For the head, choose a more natural shampoo that suits the type of scalp; Rinse your hair with cooler water; Use a vegetable hair mask at least once a week; Do not go to sleep in wet hair; […]

Attention to cracked hair ends!

Dry, cracked tips are not decorated with any hairstyle or haircuts! Unfortunately, with this hair problem is probably faced a common woman. This is especially true for those who grow hair. Hair tips may start cracking naturally, as this must Affect the age of the hair. As the hair is longer, he is „mature”. So […]