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Bad guys that harm the natural beauty of hair

There is probably no woman who did not care about her hair. Each wants a healthy, shiny, eye-catching hair. Unfortunately It is not enough to choose the right shampoo… Here are some daily and hair care mistakes that you will delight in healthier Hair.

  1. Improper hair protection

For hair that is affected by high temperatures, protective Measures against heat. If we do not give additional protection to the hair, Drying, weakens. To keep brittle hair and Cracked tips, protect the hair from the Sprayed or lubricated with a protective device. It is important not to overdo it and Used in a moderate manner, as the misuse of cosmetics Also well as damaging to the hair.

  1. Wet hair injury

Wet hair is especially sensitive and more vulnerable. Do not combed of wet hair by avoiding aggressive mechanical injuries. Hair The healthiest to dry naturally with their non-formalizing. If these options are not is not present, use softining hair and Measures. Instead, you choose a rare comb. If you use hair Dryer, do not dry them immediately after drying. Allow them to start at least 15 minutes to start naturally.

  1. Inadequate haircare during sleep

During rest, the hair is rubbing into the tissues, and this can To induce hair breakup. So as not to happen to be advised for hair Easily into the pancreas without the tip of the tips. In addition, experts Does not recommend going to sleep even with wet hair.

  1. Irregular hair combing

Hair combing is a much needed health-enhancing ritual for hair. When combing, the scalp is massaged, the blood flow is activated, so the hair Better supplied with nutrients. It is advisable to comb the hair From the tip and gradually rise towards the top of the head, rather than the other way around.

  1. Common cause of wearing hair

Often tied the hair to the “tail” or the tudules is not the best Choice. Hair induction, tension and sturdy tie Weakens the hair. It is advisable to change hair hairstyles to loosen, The rubber bands to change the stapes.