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SOS – weak and sliding hair

Your hair is weak, scrolls? Did you know to lose up to 100 hair During the day is perfectly normal? However, if you feel that the volume of hair is worth worrying. Causes of hair loss Can be very diverse, the most common ones are: malnutrition, State of health: hormonal changes, inflammatory processes, stress. The change of seasons can also be influenced by this. The autumn and spring Hair loss – often in case of normal phenomenon. However, let us recognise To take care of yourself all year round. Here are some tips Help prevent or reduce hair loss:

  1. Make sure your diet is fully-fledged

In the diet ration of protein, compound carbohydrates, Animal and vegetable fats, primarily affects hair and nails. To nurture strong and healthy hair in everyday nutrition Such minerals as phosphorus, zinc, copper, magnesium, iodine should not be lacking. It is also important to get the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Try to make sure that there is an adequate amount of different vegetables in the diet Fruits, fish dishes. Do not forget to drink water.

  1. Avoid stress

Constant tension hurts both health and beauty. Stress can affect the condition of the scalp in various ways. Tense scalp, increased Sensitivity are just a few signs. In this case, the scalp massage is not only Helps to relax, but also a great tool for hair enhancement. During the massage, surface blood flow is activated, hair bulbs are better Food and retains its vitality.

  1. Choose the right Cosmetics

It is no secret that chemical components, which are abundant in most Shampoos, bales, etc. Measures adversely affect natural skin Functions. Weakening and scrolling hair is just one of The most effect-oriented cosmetic side effects. Meanwhile Natural material of plant origin stimulates skin surface and Improves the skin’s functions.

  1. Carry out regular scalp peeling

The skin of the scalp as well as the whole body changes. Noticeable May be a consequence of increased skin stratification. To To avoid this, it is advised to at least once a meat More often, performing scalp peeling. This will help your skin remove Cells in the skin and protect the hair Follicus From Sebaceous stoppers and the accumulation of chemical residues.