Hair care in the warm season

In summer, you really want to spend more time in nature, enjoy Sun. Unfortunately, direct sunlight negatively affects our Hair: They are driers, they begin to twit, fades. Therefore, hair must be Special care to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Here are some great tips for you to enjoy the sleek hair in the summer:

1. Use a deep hydrating maskat least once a week. It is very important, because often the hair is wet and dry, they can drain, bristle, cracked.
2. Vacationers by the sea or the pool, experts advise to use the indelible air conditioner, To avoid sea salt and chlorine damage to hair. If you forget the protection of your hair after a sea dip, be sure to Hair with fresh water.
3. If you plan to be in the Sun for a long time, don’t forget the headgear. Ultraviolet rays affect not only the skin, but also our hair, so They also need to be protected. Choose a natural accessory for your Fiber.
4. When you burn your hair, you can stain with vegetable oils. Beauty professionals find that moisturising and nourishing Particularly effective in the summer, since the scales of heat and therefore oil absorbed better. It’s also great for Hair care products containing hydrolized kerine. Such measures not only restore hair, but also protect against harmful Exposure to sunlight.
5. use a hair dryer less frequently during warmer months and other shaping tools – straighteners, claws. If you want to Playful hairstyles, waves can help shape the and hair foam.

Hair Shine – One of the features of a healthy hair, but is it really? The illusion of healthy hair often generates SILICONES widely used in industrial cosmetics. But what are the silicones and what are the effects on the hair? Let’s try to answer these questions.

Who are the silicones?
It is an oil refining product that, due to its cheapness, is very „enlarged” Cosmetics industry. They are found in shampoos, balsams, hair Decorative instruments, and often hide under names, Ending in the „-cone”, „-conol”, „-Zane”, „-siloxane”. Industrial In cosmetics, silicones are loved because of the fast effect: hair becomes slipperant, Glossy. But the effects mentioned above have their price…

What is their impact?
Silicones envelop the hair and scalp for oxygen-tight film, That disrupts the uptake of nutrients and oxygen. Scalp and hair due to the lack of substances starts to dry. This often becomes a sensitive Scalp, trailing hair. Silicones have the property Accumulate on the hair – not keeping the accumulating hair fracture, cracking Tips. In addition, silicones are only effective when they are used Constant. No use of cosmetics with silicones highlights the Damage: Hair starts to be very felt, blow, bristling. Does not really resemble Healthy hair…

What can be the alternative?
Experts say that negative effects of silicones can be rid of 5-6 months after the refusal of cosmetics with the harmful compounds of silicones. And silicone-free cosmetics have far more benefits! This is the Natural and non-transient hair beauty and vitality. Cows Cosmetics has its own residual value as it provides hair and scalp The skin with valuable substances. Healthy hair and scalp integral From a real beauty and will always be fashionable. In addition, hair natural Shine can provide various vegetable oils like argan, avocado, Baobab, macadamia, broccoli seeds, almonds, etc.